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Concerns regarding variation of the timber are brought up constantly. The variation of any timber refers to both colour and the physical characteristics it carries such as knots. To ensure that we leave little to zero room for any discrepancies, it is pivotal that all our clients read the following and understand that


Timber is a natural product which may split, warp and expand. All of these characteristics are normal and in no way affect the longevity of the products. All our timber products are pressure treated. An annual treatment will give your timber better protection. However timber itself will bleach in the sun over time, meaning that timber in the same colour treatment may not match if ordered at different times.

The grain variation and knots seen on a board is due to the simple fact that because timber is a natural product and has gone through subsequent periods of growth, the natural characteristics of the board stand out. Extra care has been taken during the manufacturing process of the timber boards to put together boards of the same colour and grain variation, however, no two boards are the same, i.e.; colour and grain variation can happen from batch to batch due to the nature of the product and the manufacturing process.